American Education Services


American Education Services (AES)/Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency (PHEAA) was competing for a Department of Education award for a large-scale, complex project to service student loans. In order to do so, they required an in-depth analysis of Section 508 compliance over a number of web-based products and support in implementing any necessary updates to achieve compliance.

Exeter Solution

Exeter tested the system for compliance and developed an overall test strategy, test plan, and test scenarios, leveraging mastery of Section 508 requirements and identifying areas that would require updates to meet compliancy requirements. The materials presented for review included three critical areas of the AES Website: Authorization Access/Login, Account Access, and the Online Payment System (operations).

Under severe time constraints, Exeter’s staff completed a thorough review of the three applications. Our methodology included three evaluation phases: project work plan and monitoring and control of project activities, review of the Website using custom and selected tools, and preparation of a final report. To this end, Exeter developed a detailed project work plan and created templates to capture and record analytical results. The final Section 508 Analysis Report provided to AES/PHEAA included page level and, in many cases, code level analysis. Furthermore, Exeter provided methods to address each finding in detail. PHEAA worked with Exeter during the correction of each finding to ensure successful implementation and operation.

AES/PHEAA subsequently received an award from Education.

Exeter has supported AES since 2009.