Campus Partners


Campus Partners, a student loan outsourcing company, required web development for its servicing of Federal Perkins student loans and quality assurance activities for its servicing of the Direct Loan program for the Department of Education. A crucial component of delivering the software that managed these loans was a quality program that guaranteed complete accuracy and timely servicing.

Exeter Solution

Exeter defined requirements and developed a web-based front-end process to support origination and exit counseling for the Federal Perkins student loans. As part of the requirements phase and eventual implementation, Exeter evaluated the security sign-in capability and incorporated it in the final web product.

Exeter also designed the framework and performed the quality assurance activity for the Campus Partners’ Loan Application System project. The application is comprised of the Loan Application System, Loan Origination System, and Loan Servicing System. This effort has ensured that hundreds of thousands of student loans are managed accurately for students on a monthly basis.

Exeter’s testing and quality assurance activities involved system integration testing between these systems, developing the QA Methodology and Standards Handbook, formulating and standardizing testing metrics, developing overall test strategies, and conducting all functional testing in support of Campus Partner’s Direct Loan program.

Exeter has supported Campus Partners since 2005.