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A Truly Unique Organization

Exeter Government Services (including our wholly owned subsidiary Exeter Information Technology Services) is a privately held veteran-owned small business founded in 2002. Exeter’s Management team has an extensive track record of success in government and the private sector and that experience has led to the development of proven proprietary methodologies and performance yielding numerous client accolades. The company embodies the positive aspects of small business in the government services arena; small enough to allow direct employee and client access to management, yet large enough to meet our commitments and address all client needs.

Exeter Government Services LLC was formed in the spring of 2002 with four guiding principles in mind:

  • The integration and application of industry best management practices. The Exeter executive team collectively possesses over 100 years of success delivering best value solutions to Federal Government clients. This team has seen what works and what doesn’t work and they know how to get results. Frankly, they provide Exeter and our clients with a distinct advantage over our competition.
  • Distinctive client satisfaction. By design, Exeter is a small business whose goals are to leverage our organizational agility, provide personal attention to each and every client, and ensure that our decision-makers are on the spot.
  • Attracting, retaining, and challenging exceptional employees. Exeter recognizes the importance of employee compensation and benefits, but we know that the types of people we hire are looking for more. They are looking for challenges and a chance to make a difference in their client’s organization and in ours.
  • Teamwork and a gratifying work environment. We devote time to building high-performance teams, but a good laugh is never far away in the process. We apply some very formal business processes, but in a relaxed atmosphere.

When you think of Exeter, we want you to think of the hard-working, smart people we employ, with a smile on their faces, and an insightful solution close at hand.

“The enormous growth that Exeter has achieved since the company’s inception has been nothing short of astounding and that is a direct testament to our senior leadership and the team effort that is stressed on a daily basis. We focus on working hard and taking care of our clients, and with that as a foundation the future here is very bright.”
~ E Harrington

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9841 Washingtonian Blvd.
Suite 400
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878

Phone: 301.545.0977

Fax: 301.545.0718