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Combining technologies to maximize results

Exeter is an accomplished system integrator, deploying applications for civilian and DoD clients. We provide tailored integration solutions that connect existing systems with innovative technologies to deliver ever-greater results.

Exeter’s system integration team presents organizations with the skill and experience to productively integrate software solutions into their environments. When the government identifies a function to be outsourced, Exeter has repeatedly delivered a proven approach to developing a solution, implementing and testing that solution, and then assuming operational responsibility. By intimately understanding the requirements of the business process and enterprise architecture teams, as well as the relationships among the legacy systems, Exeter is uniquely capable of delivering results that can be implemented across an organization effectively.

In the area of data integration, Exeter develops solutions that tie disparate systems together through web services, messaging, and data stores such as XML, EDI, Message Queue, and LDAP. For COTS implementation, Exeter engages in rigorous analysis to identify enterprise software, then installs the software into the local environment, and integrates it among the supporting software systems. The packages typically integrated include PeopleSoft, Oracle, Siebel, and SAP. In addition, Exeter’s structured infrastructure support consists of providing expertise in server administration, network administration, service monitoring, and helpdesk activities.

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